C.V. Jørgensen

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, 2. August 2002

I have attended several performances by Danish singer, composer, poet and wizard with words, Carsten Valentin Jørgensen. But only photographed him twice. First time was at a rock concert at Rebæk Søpark, arranged by HIP in Hvidovre on 4. September 1977. You can see a selection of the 1977 photos at the buttom of this page.

Second time I cought him with my camera was 2. August 2002 when he gave an outdoor performance in Tivoli, Copenhagen in front of an enthusiastic audience, which ignored the pouring rain, falling throughout the entire concert. So CV started his set by singing Det regner i mit hjerte. The set list af the 1:35 hrs concert was as follows:

01. Det regner i mit hjerte
02. Flimmer fra en fjerner
03. Alverdens turbulens
04. På gyngende grund

05. Neon nok
06. Spildte bedrifter
07. Dagdriverdrømme
08. Det si'r sig selv
09. Mit lille reservat
10. Fraklip fra det fjerne
11. Endnu en vinter
12. En stor dag
13. Elisabeth
14. Florafobi
15. Ude af syne


The band: CV: lead vo, ac.g / Aske Jacobi: lead g / Knut Henriksen: b / Gert Smedegård: dm / Kasper Tranbjerg: corn / Rune Harder Olesen: perc / Gustaf Ljunggren: add ac g, mand, keyb

I remember CV as a silent performer, acting a little arrogant and pretending to be cool. But he has certainly changed the past 10 -15 years. In Tivoli he was kind, talkative, very charming and almost humble! He seems to relaxe with his new minimalistic jazz-sound. And though I'm not very much into jazz music, I love CV's music.
Below you can view my photographs from Tivoli, taken by my tiny Canon IXUS-330 digital camera. Though they are not optimal live photos, they cover the nice evening in Tivoli pretty well.

























Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 2002