Carpark North
Tivoli, Copenhagen
19. September 2003

I became aware of this new band soon after having listened to the single hit, Transparent & Glasslike, for the first time, so I bought their album, first thing next day. I was fascinated by the way they played rock'n'roll in a way I've not heard before. They have the fresh energy and power, which only youngsters have. Add to that the ability to renew the old concept of rock music.
Two of the songs on their debut album, which was released on 10. February 2003, were produced by the talented Rune Westberg (Sparkler guitarist), who also produced the debut ep of Saybia.
For unknown reasons I was only allowed to take photographs during the three opening songs, even though I had a back stage pass! But after negotiations with the tour manager, I allowed to come back up front for the four ending songs. So I might have missed some highlights, but anyway I got a couple of shots in the box.


The Set List:

01. Homeland
02. Wild Wonders
03. Super Highway
04. Kiss Me
05. I And You
06. Berlin
07. North
08. Lose Yourself (Eminem)
09. 40 Days

10. There's A Place
- - Encore: --

11. Transparent & Glasslike
(featuring Tivoli Garden)

12. Spain

The Band:
Lau Højen: g, vo
Søren Balsner: b, add.vo
Morten Thorhauge: dm
Unknown: add.g


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003




























Set list of the evening


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003