Christian Brøns
Rødovre Centrum
27. July 2003

Three months earlier I had attented a Christian concert - also in Rødovre (see the photos on this site). But as it was a full band performance, I found it interesting to hear him do his set acousticly.
Christian faced a very enthusiastic audience mainly consisting of teenage girls, enjoying this charming artist. Sometimes Christian is almost to be concidered as a Danish counterpart to Robbie Williams, holding the same self-assurance, charm and relaxation as the former Take That-singer.
During Ta' Mig Med, guitarist Martin Preisler, broke a guitar string, so while he put another string on his guitar, Christian did Malene solo to fill out the intermission.
I did this live photo session for a friend of mine, the devoted Christian fan, Linda Petersen, who runs the official Christian fan-site to be seen at
Below a selection of my pictures from Rødovre Centrum can be viewed, but the complete series can be viewed on Linda's site.


Set list:

01. Velkommen til begyndelsen
02. Ta' mig med
03. Malene (solo acoustic)
04. Du kan gøre hvad du vil
05. Alting vender tilbage
06. Mærker efter
07. Mind mig om
- - Encore: - -
08. Mød dig selv

Christian Brøns: g, lead vo
Martin Preisler: g, add.vo
Kaare Thøgersen: b, add.vo




Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003










Kaare Thøgersen



Martin Preisler










Babe of the concert


Autograph writing backstage after the show



Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003

See rest of the photo series at:ødovreCentrum27Juli2003_Eric_Klitggard_foto.htm