Hanne Boel
Tivoli, Copenhagen
29. August 2003

We have a handfull female singers at the Masterclass level in Denmark. One of them being Hanne Boel. From my point of view the other artists at that peak level are Monique, Etta Cameron, Marie Carmen Koppel and Kira Skov.
I have always bought Hanne Boel's albums before even having listened to one single song. I know that I can trust that it's a quality product I'm going to buy. So I've got anything, she has ever released, in my record collection.
So I looked foreward to seeing Hanne performing in the old garden on what could have been one of the last summer days. But it happened to be a pretty wet experience, as the rain was pouring down from the start till the end of the concert.
Surprisingly many people had decided to see the show anyway, though many more had no doubt been in the audience if the weather had been better. But it resulted in me being the only photographer in front of the stage, so the photos which can be viewed below are the only ones beeing taken at this evnt.
Hanne Boel was professionel as always, and didn't seem to loose concentration due to the rain, and we got a nice selection from Hanne's large collection of hit songs.


The Set List:

01. Black Wolf
02. End Of The Line
03. Come To Mama
04. Son Of A Preacherman
05. Don't Know Much About Love
06. No Love At All
07. Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan)
- - Band Presentation - -
08. Wet Match
09. Beware Of The Dog
10. Talk It Out
11. Let's Make A Baby King
12. Hey Jude (Paul McCartney)
- - Encore: --

13. (I Wanna) Make Love To You

The Band:
Hanne Boel: lead vo
Jens Runge: g
Assi Roar: b
Dan Hemmer: keyb
Kristoffer Sonne: dm
Lis Wessberg: tromb
Suzanne Carstensen: choir
Daniel: choir

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003


































Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003