Store Vega, Copenhagen, 10. March 2003


EyeQ and Jon Nørgaard made a tour around Denmark to promote their respectively albums, Be Okay and This Side Up (13. February to 16. march 2003). Below some photographs from the Vega gig on 10. March 2003 can be viewed.
I must admit that I did not know Jon's music in advance, and as I am not in the target group of his music, I'm not capable to give a review of this concert. But I'm sure that the devoted teen audience got what they came for, which was obvious due to al the screaming throughout his performance. Not since The Beatles in 1964 I've seen such a screaming audience.

(See also the photos of Eye Q)


The set list:

01. Right Here Next To You
02. I'll Be The Party
03. Typical Me
04. One Woman Man
05. Give Me A Hope
06. Will And A Way
07. (I Will Miss You) Endlessly
08. New song: "Hang On"(?)
09. Sometimes A Dream Comes True
10. Right Here Next To You
11. This Side Up

Jon's backing band are:
Thomas Andersson: g
Jakob Gurevitsch: g
Lars Danielson:b
Claes Antonsen: dm
Søren Runge: keyb
Jacob Andersen: perc
Susanne Palsbøll: choir
Arvid Finn Nielsen: choir


Photo by Eric Klitgaard © 2003


















Photo by Eric Klitgaard © 2003

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