Lars H.U.G.

Store Vega, Copenhagen
7. November 2003


I have been to a lot of Lars H.U.G. concerts during the past 10 years, beeing a major fan of his unique music. I've been so fortunate to meet him in person outside the music business, and I got an expression of a kind and sensitive person, hiding his shyness behind his professionel rockstar mask. For me he is an Artist with an initial capital, - an Artist constantly being true to his own feeling for what's right to him at the moment, never following the mainstream. Like his brother in Spirit - the great Bob Dylan, continously being a horse's head ahead of everybody else at the music scene.
We got a large set of selected songs off his repertory. Starting with the songs in English and closing with the Danish songs. Unlike the rest of the tour, he opened the show by entering the stage all alone with his guitar, giving an all acoustic version of Skibet hedder afsked. This song was the encore song at the rest of the tour.


The Set List:

- - Part 1, English Language--
01. Skibet hedder afsked (acoustic solo)
02. Pray
03. Dreamboy
04. Hurt
05. Crash
06. Trippin'
07. Waterfall
08. Chain
09. Lover's Lane
10. Till The End Of The World
11. Come Fly With Me
12. Thanksgiving Man
13. Real Magic
14. Where Do You Go
15. City Drive
16. Backwards
17. Save Me From This Rock'n'Roll
- - Part 2, Danish Language ---

18. Når lygterne tændes
19. Natsværmer
20. Dansevise
21. ? er lykken så lunefuld
22. Så længe jeg lever
23. Elsker dig for evigt

The band:
Lars H.U.G.: lead vo, g
Rolf Hansen: g, lab steel, choir
Michael Stern: g, mandoline, choir
Peter Hellemann: keyb, choir
Peter Kjøbsted: b, choir
Johan Gellet: dm


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003






































Lars H.U.G., Rolf Hansen, Peter Kjøbsted, Peter Hellemann, Michael Stern & Johan Gellet


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003