Maria Montell
Portalen, Greve
20. November 2003

I had a free ticket to this concert with Maria Montell, so I took the opportunity to take some live-at-stage photographs of her. Maria's back catalogue of songs was not at top of my list, I must admit. But after the release of her most recent album, Think Positive, I've revised my view on Maria Montell. Finally she has left the songs in Danish behind and sings all the songs at the album in English. And the style is much more rock than usual for her. I liked her new style so much that I bought the album after having heard It's All Very Simple.

In fact I discovered that Maria Montell is much better than her reputation among the "rock people". In my opinion she suffers from the "Ann-Louise Syndrome", as I call it: a gifted artist with a stamp on her back being considered not so serious or "fine" as her more progressive colleagues at the music scene. Other overlooked Danish artists with excellent albums behind them are (Ann-Louise Mathiesen, of cause), Maya Albana, Stina Groth and Louise Hart.

I had a brief talk with Maria after the set, and as I explained, she should drop her Di Da Di-style songs in Danish, and concentrate on her excellent rock songs in English. And compose a live set solely of the rock songs. Her songs from the Think Positive album were far the best this evening at Portalen. Especially the highlights of the night, Life Can Be Light and It's All Very Simple.

The album title, Think Positive, could be a trade mark of Maria. Though not playing for more than 20 - 25 people, she seemed very optimistic, smiling, explaining her lyrics prior to each song. She was really charming and she's a quite professionel performer. I especially notised the drummer, Claes Anthonsen - one of the grand old artists at the Danish rock scene. And one of our best drummers!

Give Maria Montell a listen, she is far more than what's displayed by the tabloid gossip magazines.


The Set List:

01. Jeg er her for dig
02. Kvinde forfinet
03. Svært at være gudinde
04. Se på mig
05. Hvor længe
06. Kys mig op til himlen
07. Life Can Be Light
08. I Pick Up
09. It's All Very Simple
- - Intermission: --

10. Di da di
11. Det bedste af det hele
12. Vend dig om
13. Hej min søndag
14. Elsk mens du elsker
15. Behøver jeg at sige mer
16. Sådan går det hver gang
(including band presentation)
17. I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
18. I Don't Think It's Ok

The band:
Maria Montell: lead vo
Thomas Andersson: g
Morten Jacobsen: b, choir
Sune Kempf: keyb, choir
Claes Anthonsen: dm, band leader


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003

































Morten Jacobsen's set list



Maria's set list handwritten by herself on the backside of two sheets of paper with song lyrics on the front


Think Positive album cover singned by Maria Montell

Maria Montell backstage after the concert

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003