Maria Viskonti
Rust, Copenhagen
12. March 2004

What a marvellously gifted new talent on the Danish Music Scene, we saw this late Friday night at Rust! It was Maria Viskonti's debut concert and she was backed by a couple of youngsters, one of them being her brother, Jakob. Actually the band is identical with the succesful The Sun (known from the album, Magnetic Rush, and various contributions on Danish sound tracks albums, such as Anja efter Viktor, Midsommer, Regel nr. 1).
Concerning family, I guess that Maria has listened carefully to her father's (Peter Viskinde, Big Fat Snake) old Bob Dylan records, as her music is influented by the 1960's American song-writing tradition. For an old Dylan-freak like me, it was almost like being at a small New York City club in late 1966, listening to Dylan right after he went electric, being backed by legendary The Band. And I would love to hear Maria and The Sun giving a Dylan cover at their next live performance!

I wonder how this young guys can sound like a much more experienced band, than their age allows them to? Not since I heard Freya's debut album and Kira Skov's Janis Joplin-vocals for the first time, I've been surprised to that extent to discover a Danish talent of that level. Maria Viskonti is a mega-talent, from whom we can expect a lot in the Future, realising how much she has already achieved.

Prior to the band's entrance on stage, Bernstein's Maria was replayed from the public address system as a funny intro. When Maria entered the stage, I couldn't help wondering how such a strong vocal and such powerfull music could possibly come from this pale, slim teenage girl!
She seemed a little shy, but in spite of her teen fragility, it was obvious that the audience faced a very strong personality, - sensitive as an Artist, but determined in mind. It was clear to see that Maria does not want to promote herself on any other things than her powerfull music. No fancy out-fit, no star-attitudes, no ass-shaking, - nothing but pure, personal and powerfull music! Too many wanna-be's try to sell music of doubtful value through sexy popstar attitudes. But Maria trusts her music to be able to stand alone, without further fancy packing, and I believe she's right.

We got all the 13 songs from the debut album, Burn The Bridge, in live versions - very similar to the studio versions. Excellently performed by Maria and her band. If I missed anything, it would be some more live-energy and more letting lose in the rock tunes from both Maria and the boys. But I realize that this night was their first performance in front of an audience, so the stage experience will come little by little. At least they have, what many other upcoming power-playing rock bands are in lack of: the foundation of an outstanding catalogue of brilliant songs!

I do not get any benifit from promoting Maria Viskonti, but anyway I'll say: If you only buy two albums a year, one of them ought to be Burn The Bridge. You can visit her website and buy her album on the net at
I look foreward to hearing her again at the support job for Maya Albana at Loppen on 2. April 2004!


The Set List:

0A. Maria (Leonard Bernstein)
01. Burn The Bridge
02. Homeward Bound
03. Find My Blue Baby
04. Less Than Me
05. Ocean Of Tears
06. Tunes In Line
07. Under Your Skin
08. Minor Seven
09. Born In History
10. Indoor Lazyday Blues
11. Guess You Are Mad At Me
12. Change The Stars Tonight
- - Encore: --
13. Paranoia

The Band:

Maria Viskonti: Vo, ac.g, hca, tamb
Jakob Viskinde: g
August Ussing: b
Philip Strangebye: keyb
Anders Lund: dm


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004


























Maria's little sister in the audience




































The set list of the debut concert at Rust
  The debut album, signed and numbered by Maria Viskonti

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004