Marie Frank
Forbrændingen, Albertslund
28. May 2003

First time I photographed Marie Frank was in 1999 in a Shop in Copenhagen, only 2½ months after the release of her debut album. (see here). At that time I hadn't my camera with me, - only a small turist camera, and I promised myself to take another opportunity to make a better photo shoot of this admireable artist. So I choosed Forbrændingen on Marie Frank's brief Summer 2003 Tour, as this place has a very good intimate atmosphere, and it has the best light in town for photographing.
This was the first of five concerts around Denmark after the band's promotion performances in England and Germany in May. We got a relaxed performance from the charming Marie, very competently backed by the band. Marie was talkative introducing the songs through small stories and we got songs from all of her three albums.
Afterwards I met her backstage and got my albums signed by the artist.
On Marie Frank's official website four of my photographs from this event can be viewed. See by clicking here.


The set list:

0A. Pre-recorded spoken intro
01. Drowningly
02. Scrabble-na
03. Bedevilled
04. As Is
05. Whoops Wrong Daisy
06. Rust In Peace
07. Under The Water
08. Save A Little Love
09. Starcatching Girl
10. Heart Of Saturday Night
11. Symptom Of My Time
12. Hit You Where It Hurts
- Encore -
13. Worth It
14. Right Beside You



Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003









Søren Koch: guitar


Nicolai Land: el. and ac. bass


Jørgen Holmegaard: kryb, tamb


Kent Olsen: dm


















Marie Frank's three albums signed by the artist on 28. May 2003


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003