The Raveonettes
Store Vega, Copenhagen
17. February 2004

I looked foreward to this concert after having heard so much in the media about this Danish wonder and having listened to their two albums for a long time.
I was lucky that Sharin put me on the guest list and procured a photo pass for me. Unfunately the permission to work up front only hold good during the three opening songs, though I had a written permission from Sharin to make pictures throughout the concert.
Never mind, the major problem was that The Raveonettes played the entire concert with red dark-room illuminant as the only spotlight! What a nightmare for a photographer ... So I had a lot of work of picture treatement in PhotoShop at least to get some images to show. And that's why some of the pics looks a little "overcooked".

The charismatic duo, Sune and Sharin, made a professional and loud appearence, showing their capacity to transform noise into beauty. With their simple B-Major chords, we experienced very the essence of rock music raised to Art. You can call it the Art of Noise. In my opinion the event would have improved by a couple of songs played merely by Sune on guitar and Sharin on vocals, as they have practiced at a number of concerts recently. But maybe it's only me being too old. Anyway, it was a great evening, attented by an entusiastic audience, which counted pretty many celebrities from the Danish music scene.


The Set List:

01. Remember
02. That Great Love Sound
03. Evel LA Girls
04. Veronica Fever
05. Let's Rave On
06. Chain Gang Of Love
07. My Tornado
08. Little Animal
09. Noisy Summer
10. Demon's Fire
11. Love Can Destroy Everything
12. New Your Was Great
13. Untamed Girls
14. C'mon Everybody
15. Heartbreak Stroll
16. Chains
17. Do You Believe Her
18. Rebel Invasion
- - Encore: --
19. Attack Of The Ghost Riders
20. Cops On Our Tail
21. Beat City
22. Everyday

The Band:
Rune Rose Wagner: g, vo
Sharin Foo: b, vo
Manoj Ramdas: g
Jakob Hoyer: dm


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004


















































Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004