Reminder Release Party
21. March 2002

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard, copyright 2002


The release party for the compilation album REMINDER was located at the old and illustrious recording studio, Sweet Silence Studios in Njalsgade at Amager. The cd is made to put focus on the intolerance and racism which seems to reign today. The concept was to ask some Danish artists to make a cover version of their favorite song for a cd to support a foundation to projects against racism and intolerance.
Freya and her fabulous band did a very strong version of Talkin 'bout A Revolution, much more electrified than Tracy Chapman's more acoustic original from 1988.

All band members, who are backing Freya on her upcoming third album, were present at the event, and I made some band photos, as well as some posed portraits of Freya. As can be seen below, Freya radiated her usual divine beauty, which I did my best to capture with my camera.

At the buttom of this page you can find Jimi Jørgensen from Hotel Hunger and Pernille Rosendahl and Jonas Struck from Swan Lee.




Freya with band. From left: Peter Kjøbsted: bass, Freya: vocals, Rune Westberg: guitar and
Kåre Kabel Mai: drums. Location: The very studio at Sweet Silence, where the artists have
recorded the tracks for the Reminder album.
















Freya in the media on the occation of the Reminder album release. Left: front cover of FN-Bladet No.1 March 2002.
Right: Fagbladet, April 2002.Both photos by Eric Klitgaard from the Reminder Release Party, 21. March 2002


Jimi Jørgensen from Hotel Hunger


Pernille Rosendahl and Jonas Struck from Swan Lee


Photo by Eric Klitgaard - copyright 2002