Swan Lee
Loppen, Christiania, Copenhagen
17. May 2003

During 2003 I saw Swan Lee three times and the concert at Loppen was only 6 days before the great performance at Tivoli Gardens on 23. May (see pictures on this site).The concert was not formally announced, but the advertisments in the papers read: "Loppen 30 years! Great Surprise Band". Hadn't I got a mail with an invitation from Jonas Struck the night before, at 11 P.M., I wouldn't have known that Swan Lee were to be the surprise band! Luckily I was able to be there to enjoy the beautiful concert given in a very intimate atmosphere.
We got almost exactly the same set of songs that they performed a few days later in Tivoli, except for song no. 7, Perfume, - a new song, which in Tivoli appeared to be replaced by Enter from the debut album. The encore songs had also been replaced. It is interesting to see from the prewritten set list that Swan Lee had called one of the new songs, Hold Me In Your Arms: "Abba song". I don't believe that they had
planned to give an Abba-cover song, but maybe the reason is that the song opens very much similar to an Abba-song! Or the song may have been untitled at the time, when the set list was written?
The highlights of this night at Loppen were - to me - the two extremely beautiful ballads, Do You Know and Find My Way. Also Blue Monday is an very strong song for a live set.
Unfortunately the light at Loppen is a nightmare for a photographer! So I was forced to use the flash, at least to get some well photographs. Together with Park Café, Loppen has the worst light in town - at least for pictures. That's why many of the pics are rather grainy, but anyway, it could'n spoil Pernille Rosendahl's strong stage appeal and absolute unique beauty.
For me there is no doubt that Swan Lee has the most obvouis potential af all Danish bands to make it abroad!! I am convinced that 2004 will be the year, in which Swan Lee makes there break through outside our country and I can't wait for the 1st March 2004 release of their second album!


The set list:

01 Bring Me Back To You
02 Flowers In The Wintertime
03 I Don't Mind
04 Stay Tonight
05 This Morning
06 Love Will Keep You Warm
07 Perfume
08 Do You Know
09 Find My Way
10 Tomorrow Never Dies
11 Take My Love
12 Blue Monday
- - - (Encore:) - - -
14 Hold Me In Your Arms
15 When You're Gone


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003





























Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003