Swan Lee
Release Party
Lille Vega, Copenhagen

1. March 2004

Swan Lee celebrated the release of their second album, Swan Lee, by invitating friends and colleagues within the music business to a Release Party at Lille Vega. And there was something to celebrate! Already on the release day the album had achieved break even and had sold Gold, too (which means 20.000 sold copies).
These very down-to-earth and charming band members circulated in the crowd talking to the present people. A quarter past 10 they gave a brief performance at stage, playing a handfull of highlights from the album. They started with the catching I Don't Mind, written to Pernille's boyfriend, Johan Wohlert, bass player in Danish band Mew. The following songs were much more tight and sharp, compared to the live versions I've heard until now.
Later at the evening they showed Christina Rosendahl's minimalistic and tight cut video to I Don't Mind
. Very much fit to the music. After that the three of them made a speech about the birth of the album and thanked the people involved. They rediated true happines, when they performed their speeches - far from the attitudes of grandiosity, we are used to among many rock stars.
Only bring-down was the stage light, which (of course) not are meant to ease the photographer's task! Only red light throughout the songs. So forgive me for the poor and grainy result in odd colours!


The Set List:

01. I Don't Mind
02. What Is Love?
03. In Your Life
04. What You Get ... Is What You See
05. Love Will Keep You Warm

The Band:
Pernille Rosendahl: lead vo, tamb
Jonas Struck: g
Emil Jørgensen: dm
Bastian Juel: b
Maria Køhnke: g, add.vo, tamb
Jonas Berg: keyb


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004











































The handwritten set list of the Release Party
  Cover of the single, I Don't Mind
"To Eric ... All the best and more" from Swan Lee, Pernille Rosendahl"

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004