Swan Lee
Forbrændingen, Albertslund
25. March 2004

This was the opening concert of The Swan Lee 2004 Spring Tour and a crowded concert hall at Forbrændingen proved that many fans had looked foreward to this event with great expectations.
The band had made a couple of rehearsal concerts without an audience at this venue, and we felt a touch of nervousness from Pernille and the guys of how the new band concept would be received. They had not anything to be anxious about though. The new more rocking style is exactly the fresh renewal, the band needed. Cardian's producer, Per Sunding, has made a great impact on the band to the better, at their live sound, too. Even the songs from the first album had undergone a rocking change.

I believe that I don't need to tell that Pernille looked wonderful - as always, (only marred by a glaring sportlight coming from below) singing beautfully and powerfully. She was vocally backed by Maria Køhnke, who has a clear and nice voice, which fit very well to Pernille's. Jonas's guitar was much in front, and the sound benefitted from that.
For me there was two highlights of the evening: First, the rock version of I Don't Mind and second: The acoustic and extremely beautiful version of Stay Tonight, sung by Pernille with Maria on additional vocals. A breathtaking moment arose when the keyboard set in for a solo at the end of the song.
It was a devine moment to remember ...

And I need that memory! Because this seem to be the last time I make live photos of this fabulous band. Swan Lee's booking has decided that they rather give the limited number of free tickets to friends and business relatives, than to have photos from the concerts. I'm sorry about that, but has accepted that (unfortunately) we'll see no more Swan Lee photos on this site.

So enjoy the last ones below:


The Set List:

01. Bring Me Back
02. Love Will Keep You Warm
03. Don't Taker My Love
04. What Is Love
05. Perfume
06. Tomorrow Never Dies
07. Find My Way
08. Stay Tonight (ac version)
09. When You're Gone

10. Lord Knows I Can Be Strong
11. In Your Life
12. I Don't Mind
13. Flowers In The Wintertime
14. Peace Of Mind
- - Encore: - -

15. What You Get Is What You See
16. Blue Monday
17. Enter

The Band:
Pernille Rosendahl: lead vo, tamb
Jonas Struck: g, lab-steel g
Emil Jørgensen: dm
Bastian Juel: b
Maria Køhnke: g, add.vo, keyb, tamb
Jonas Berg: keyb


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004










































The set list from the opening concert at Forbrændingen,
25. March 2004. (Thanks to Anders B. for the scanning)
  The Swan Lee logo, the butterfly at Forbrændingen,
25. March 2004

Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2004