Melanie C
Aveny - T, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
16. March 2003

The concert by former Spice Girl, Melanie C, was her first live acoustic gig in Europe. The showcase at the small theatre at Frederiksberg was a closed event, to which you had to be invited. I was lucky to have a guest ticket, as Sparkler was the opening act (see Freya Gallery > Aveny-T, 16-03-2003). But as I only knew the night before that Freya would offer her only ticket for me, I didn't manage to get the permission to make photographs of Mel C's live performance. So I only brought my little digital "spy" camera, at least to have some documentation of the event.
Mel C gave a wonderful performance, and I can't imagine her to be better with electrified backing. She was very relaxed and smiling and completely down-to-the ground. Unexpectily natural from what you should expect from a former Spice Girl! She was talkative, charming and often laughting between songs, and she's no doubt the Spice Girl gifted by the most obvious musical talent.
So if you can overlook that I can merely show ordinary audience shots from my seat, please enjoy the pics below:


Set list:

01. On The Horizon
02. Goin' Down
03. If That Were Me
04. When You're Gone
05. Posivitely Somewhere
06. Reason
07. Never Be The Same Again
- - Encore - -
08. Here It Comes Again
09. I Turn To You (a capella)

The band:
Melanie C: vo
Gregg: g, add. vo
Eccols: g. add. vo
Damin LaGassick: keyb
Fergus: dm
Grog: b


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003




















Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003