Aveny - T, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
16. March 2003

This concert by Sparkler was performed three weeks prior to the release of the release of Magnifying Glass. If you exclude the radio pre-concert at Midtfyns Festival at Danish Radio P3, this was the only time that Sparkler played an all semi-acoustic concert. They were the opening act for former Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm (Mel C) (see pictures of her here) and played merely three songs.

It was one of my best moments in company with Freya's band (together with one of their last concerts at Copenhagen University in September 2003). Especially the album title song was marvellously performed!
As I only knew the night before that Freya would offer her only guest ticket for me, I hadn't the time to get the usual permission to take photographs of the main artist, Mel C, so I didn't bring my professinal camera. So the photos below are taken with my tiny "spy-camera"! That's why they are only ordinary audience shots, taken from my seat.

By the way, I sat next to Monopol-singer, Nikolaj Rysager and his manager, and had a talk with the two of them. Beside owning their single, Fis Nu Af, I didn't knew much about Monopol, as they didn't release their debut album until Spring 2004. But Nikolaj told me a lot of facts of the band and their upcoming album.

After Melanie C's nine song concert, I met a couple of celebrities in the bar. (See > People I Met). Among those were the Sparkler band members (exclusive Jacob Gurevitsch, who backed Jon & EyeQ at their closing concert in Holstebro that evening). The portraits I made at this occasion, were probably the last pictures taken of Freya and Kåre as a couple (view at the bottom of this side).


Set list:

01. You Belong To Me
02. Magnifying Glass
03. Tiger


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003









Peter Kjøbsted, Freya Christine Clausen & Kåre Kabel Mai



Freya & Kåre - what a nice couple they made!!


Photographs by Eric Klitgaard © 2003